Life Update (October 30th, 2020)

When will my life begin?

monoblocc posted 5 months ago last modified 5 months ago

Do you ever feel like there's not much to do. It's like there's so much in this world, but you don't know what to do. It's like playing Minecraft. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art. Are we just living in Minecraft, but we don't know what to craft?

What do I craft with my life? Where do I find the materials for a diamond sword? What do I do?

I feel lost. I have no coordinates to my home, but that's because I've never found them in the first place. When will my nomadic adventure end? When can I find solace in calling a simple hovel my home. The world is big and scary. I fear that I may never find peace.


KingNorth posted 5 months ago last modified 5 months ago


Life is a lot harder than Minecraft lol. You say that the boundlessness of the world makes you lost, when really you’ve lost yourself which makes the world boundless. The answers you seek are truly within. So you should ask who are you really, like really man, who the hell are you?

Not like an occupation, or a title, or a name, or even a set of traits, but who are you at your core self. It’s THE difficult task but the only way to find your core self is to travel within and slay your serpents. Not easy serpents to kill to be sure, they are the hard truths, the ugliness, and evil within. But you have to acknowledge them first, better to know what the danger is than to remain blind, because your imagination will make them impossible to slay.

Once you take a good look within, then you can defeat your shadow and rediscover your true self, your enlightened child self. It’s difficult, but know that plenty of heroes have journeyed into the same depths and walked out alive, truly alive.

Good luck finding yourself man, and remember you’re the hero of your own journey!