Yesterday was fun!

monoblocc posted 2 months ago

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos to share, but at least I will share the memories.

I was with Jacob, Monira, and Eric, and we had a good time. We first went to Hankook for some burritos and I thought they were pretty good. Later we went to a boba place. It's been so long since I went to one, and it was pretty pleasant. We went to my house for everyone to smack me in smash. Then lastly we went to JR Crickets and ate the wings around Tech.

It was a good day. When I finally got to my bed, I knocked out super quick.

Lemme know your favorite moment in the comments below!


jacob posted 2 months ago last modified 2 months ago


My favorite moment was smacking everybody around in smash.


kellx127 posted 1 month ago


thanks for the invite

jacob posted 1 month ago