Upcoming Changes v2

Who is this mysterious person? Could it be?

jacob posted 9 months ago last modified 9 months ago

Wow, it's already been a week since the first change announcement!

A lot has changed since then; two of the most requested features, profile pictures and bios, were added just last night!

We have a whole slew of more changes coming up, some from the prior list that have yet to be added:

1. Favicon
1a. Domain name update
2. Pagination for home view
3. Updated profile posts view
4. Footer
5. Email Support
5a. Email Reset
5b. Email notifications
6. User Settings
7. Follow system
8. Delete function that only clears the content of the submission, but retains comment tree
9. Minimization of comment trees
10. Draft posts
11. ReAdd Gif Support
12. Tags for posts
13. Search with tags/titles
14. Migrate to PostgreSQL
15. Migrate Static files to AWS S3

Thanks for all of the feedback guys with the previous change list!
And please let me know what you guys think of these projected updates or if you guys think we forgot/should add anything.



jacob posted 9 months ago


Also still going to be making style improvements.
One of the main things I want to tackle is the visual clarity of the actual text content of a post.

Let me know in this thread if there's anything else that bugs you guys.